Inequality in Underpants

I am not a hoarder, but I do like to buy in bulk.  When you buy in bulk, you get a greater value.  I apply my bulk mentality to purchasing socks and undershirts and underpants.  I like the bulk approach when it comes to unmentionables because they all tend to wear out at the same rate.  Buy quality once, and the degradation of that quality is matched across a bunch of material over time.

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Surrounded by Taco Hell and Eating on the Cheap

For nearly five years I worked from my apartment, wherever that was. I moved from one place to another and yet I still was working in the privacy of my own home with no one to tell me that I couldn’t work in my boxers if I wanted to. Somehow, boxer working never lost its appeal to me. It all changed when my main client could no longer afford to pay me and I had to get a job in “the real world” — a scary place where people wear trousers and can’t stroll into their kitchens for lunch.

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