President Obama stepped forward yesterday and took personal responsibility for the failure to stop the “underwear bomber” from getting on the plane. 

In eight years of misery under the W;
did he ever take similar responsibility in public for something that
wasn’t really his fault but he was willing to take the blame because The People needed to pin the tail on a convenient donkey?

Instead of praising Obama for standing up and being a man and taking the slings and arrows of a disgruntled national public as any president should, his dissenters are actually blaming him as if he were really the one who decided to let the underpants on the plane.

Do we want a stand up president?

Or do we deserve a president who passes the buck of blame around to stick on others?

Even if you disagree with Obama’s policies, you must confess he doesn’t hide behind the mistakes of others and he stands forward and leads even if he bleeds. 

Barack Obama sets the example for excellence in leadership and if we had more presidents like him, the USA would be a better place now because bad behavior never would’ve been part and parcel of our international public policy profile.


  1. Did you see Rudy on tv talking about Obama is the only president to have a terrorist attack? It just makes me want to give up on life when them sorts of lies are put out as fact and nobody takes on the liar.

  2. I don’t blame you. Giuliani seems to have forgotten 9/11 and the World Trade Center and the Bush presidency and his own stint as mayor of NYC. A total, repulsive, joke.

  3. Accountability is what is expected from Obama, what is unexpected is the baseless criticism against him.
    I wish him all the best.

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