Green Tea's Dirty Little Secret

Green Tea has a dirty little secret — and nothing can be done about it — and that secret is that real, hardcore, proper, unadulterated green tea has, what Janna calls, a “muskiness” that translates into meaning raw, pure-brewed, strong green tea… smells like urine.



I said it.

My favorite drink in the whole world smells — and probably tastes like — uric ammonia, and yet I still can’t swallow enough of the stuff throughout the day to keep me satisfied and quenched because green tea, in it’s organic state, is hardy, pure, musky, magical and powerful and I need its healing warmth in my body every single day.

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Doggy Doo and Puppy Pee On Your Doorstep

Is there anything worse than walking along a public city sidewalk and stepping in doggy doo or slipping on puppy pee?  Why are so many dog owners irresponsible in taking care of their pets?

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Tomorrow is National TSA Opt Out Day!

Tomorrow is National Opt Out Day, and if you are flying in an airplane, I urge you to stand against full-body radiation as a ridiculous cure against terrorism and stand up and demand to be groped — in public! — by a randy TSA agent in full view of your flying compatriots.  On June 9, 2008, I wrote this article — No Private Parts Privacy — lamenting the total loss of discretion while flying the unfriendly skies.  Tomorrow is the payoff for my previous prescience.

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Hoarders: Exploiting the Ugly and the Poor

Hoarders is an interesting A&E television show about people who save everything — including their own feces and urine — and refuse to throw anything away.

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On Peeing Pale

Some may find it odd that I’m taking time in this largely popular magazine to discuss bodily fluids — but it is the very popularity of Go Inside Magazine that begs me to address this issue for wider appeal. We are made mostly of water. The replacement of this vital fluids is our lifeline to better health and here’s why…

*** Disclaimer!!! ***

Before you read any further, I want to make it clear I am not a doctor. I make no guarantees. I share with you here my experiences and insights. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt and apply it to your own experience. Check with a doctor before you employ, attempt or invoke any of the advice you read herein. If you are easily influenced or timid of mind and weak of volition, I urge you to read no further! Hit the back button on your browser now and read no more!

The Common Cause of the Common Cold
Okay, then! Glad you stayed. Here’s the scoop: When I was a graduate student at Columbia University, the most valuable thing I learned while getting my M.F.A. was not the history of the world or how to construct a dramatic story. The most valuable thing I learned was that the most common cause of the common cold is… dry air!

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