Is there anything worse than walking along a public city sidewalk and stepping in doggy doo or slipping on puppy pee?  Why are so many dog owners irresponsible in taking care of their pets?

Why do these awful dog owners they believe their dog’s excrement and urine belong on our sidewalks and not in their garbage can?

The simple answer is, those owners are lazy.

The more complicated answer is they’re self-centered and socially disconnected.

Oh, how great it would be to pick up the steaming pile of poop they purposefully left behind and hand it all back to the offending owner.  You know they’d pull a royal fit for having to actually deal with the crap they force on the rest of us.

Janna and I love to take walks in the neighborhood.  We get fit and we feel good hanging out together and we cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

When the Winter comes, though, the walks become harder.  The wind bites.  The snow falls.  The temperatures plummet.  And dog poop pocks the sidewalks and dog urine decorates every mound of snow and corner.  Ten days after a snowfall, the snow piles are all discolored yellow with dog pee.  It is truly disgusting, and an absolute warning to always be careful where you place your foot in the Spring, Summer and Fall when you can’t easily witness the demon pee.

One thing we’ve noticed on our walks is that there are two forms of lazy people:  Those who refuse to shovel their sidewalks — usually buildings full of renters and not home owners — and those who mark their lazy territory directly outside their homes with their dog excretions.

You see, dog owners, it seems, don’t like to walk their dogs during the bitter Wintertime and they instead just open the door, let the dog go outside and poop on the sidewalk and pee on the snow directly in front of their homes.  Those special “dog markings” then serve as a warning sign to the rest of us that disgusting people live in that house and they don’t curb their dog and that they love the color of urine, and the smell of shat decorating the snow and trees.

So… Beware! as you walk along the hardened streets of the urban core, because you must always be on your toes — when you see piles of dog poop and rivulets of dog urine licking the landscape of a house — and know those people are slovenly slobs who deserve to have their pet’s poop hand-delivered back into their homes instead of you unwittingly tracking it all back home into yours.


  1. Our subdivision (and our entire city) sidewalks are filled with steamy piles of dog poo. It’s not only disgusting to look at and walk around, it also gives responsible dog owners (like us) a bad name. Calling them lazy is putting in mildly…

    We once ran out of bags on our walk, but made the mile rt to our house and back to pick it up.

    1. I’m glad there are good dog owners still out there! Carrying a bag with you is not that big of a deal. Is there any solution to the urine problem? It’s bad for trees and shrubs and grass and innocent snow fields — yet that’s where the owners allow their dogs to lift a leg.

  2. Walking outside when there is so much dog doo is like stepping out onto a minefield but much less deadly — quite embarrassing, tho! I wonder how often fines are enforced.

    1. We have signs all over the place here that say “Curb Your Dog” and that there’s a $250.00USD fine for each offense — but I don’t know anybody who ever got, or paid, a dog poo fine.

      The pee is actually worse than the poop because it’s harder to find and is EVERYWHERE you walk.

      It’s too bad when a Wintertime walk becomes an insipid game of hopscotch!

  3. I have never lived in a country where it snows in the city. However, I have brought home on my runners disgusting excrement that I failed to dodge. We walk our dogs daily via the same route. Last year, we witnessed a woman allowing her dog to relieve itself and keep on walking without bagging it. We kept walking the pooches , discovering which house was hers. Next time it happened we bagged it up and put it in her letter box. She got the message, literally. Right now I’m wondering if it was a mean thing to do but as a deterrent to this digusting behaviour it worked brilliantly.

    1. Ha! I love the lesson, Kathe! One would think the woman would have some sort of self-awareness that, one day, her dog deposits in the street would be returned to her — with interest! SMILE!

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