Doggy Doo and Puppy Pee On Your Doorstep

Is there anything worse than walking along a public city sidewalk and stepping in doggy doo or slipping on puppy pee?  Why are so many dog owners irresponsible in taking care of their pets?

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Yellow Lives in Common Crevices

I was on the phone the other day with a designer I hired to work on a project.

When you talk on the phone — words become even more vital in trying to pin down an abstract image.

We were working to find the right “feel” for yellow on the page — that’s a hard thing to do because light yellow doesn’t “read” on a page and dark yellow quickly becomes orange.

ME:  We need a different yellow.

DESIGNER:  Like a morning pee yellow?

ME:  That’s too dark.

DESIGNER:  Like a kidney infection pee yellow?

ME:  Too cloudy.

DESIGNER:  So a lighter tainting of blood in the urine?

ME:  Let’s try that.

Our similar, shared, experiences give meaning and context to abstract ideas.

Language lives in common crevices.

Describing the crevice reveals how a person relates to the world.

Why I am Not Yellow

I have no interest in wearing one of those yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that everyone seems to have on today. I support the idea behind the band but what is the point of wearing the wristband? Is it to publicly prove you’re caring and with the “in-crowd” or is there a deeper meaning to it? If there’s magic in the band itself why not just put it in your pocket?

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