My Pussy is Angry!

My pussy is angry!” — and with the shouting of that infamous phrase today — every man in theatres across the country cringe in a nationally shared kick to the groin.
Yes, it’s that angry time of the year, again. V-Day. The Vagina Monologues Day. It’s the season when all men are fair game for pounding as women proclaim their power from the stage — under the guise of doing Good Deeds and charity — while the men around them nod their heads in assumed agreement as their minds drift away.

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Be My Semiotic Valentine

Be My
Semiotic Valentine!

There are few things in life that delight as much as Valentine’s Day.

We can freely express our love for beloveds, animals and all people of the earth.

Today is ours to ponder why hatred and avarice are more common during the year than flowers and hearts.

Today, however, isn’t for wondering where we went wrong.

Today is for celebrating where we are together.

Hug someone.

Kiss everyone.

Celebrate the love inside.

Here are some Semiotic Hearts from me to you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do in presenting them to you.

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Eleven Heart-Shaped Balloons

Janna came home last night and presented me with eleven giant, red, heart-shaped helium balloons.

She apologized one was missing.

She told me on her way home from teaching American Sign Language at New York University she found a guy selling bunches of balloons for .64 cents each. She bought a dozen.

Waiting for a PATH train at the Christopher Street station, a man tried to strike up a conversation with her.

That happens to us a lot and since Janna is Deaf she usually just smiles and points to her ears and shakes her head to let the person know she isn’t interested in communicating.

The guy followed her onto the train and persisted in trying to speak with her. Wrangling twelve helium balloons onto a packed train is no easy task.

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Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

What was the worst Valentine’s Day you were forced to experience? I’ll go first: THE WORST I was in Fifth Grade and the class project for February was to create a “Valentine’s Day Train” where we each would create our own “coal car” out of colored construction paper so everyone in the class could put valentines in our hopper.

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The Day After Valentine's Day

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I spent a lot of time napping. This is not unusual for me – napping during the holy Sabbath, that is. The Sabbath is, indeed, a day of rest for many. Religious Jews will tell you that for a Jew, it is meritorious even to take a catnap during the Sabbath. For six days, it is said, we toil and work to earn our sustenance. On the seventh day, we rest. This article, however, is not about the holy Sabbath (which in some circles is known as Shabbat, or Shabbos). It is, however, about Valentine’s Day – and the day after Valentine’s Day.

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