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How to Evaluate Effectiveness

Few of us are taught how to provide effective feedback when we’re dealing with an artistic creation.  In my classes, I do not allow the use of “good” or “bad” in a critique because nobody has any real, shared, sense of what those value judgments mean in the scheme of the overall community.

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Institutional Value and the One-Off

As universities purge headlong into the Age of Digitization, we are left to wonder about the value of what is quickly becoming a Open Source education where students the world over are able to get the same information and identical teaching via the internet and iTunes podcasts.

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The Celebrity Class and the Decline of Deference

Toby Young is Michael Young’s son. Fifty years ago, Michael Young wrote the groundbreaking book, “The Rise of the Meritocracy.”  Today, Toby examines the popularity of his father’s book and how the very idea of a “meritocracy” — a term his father coined — to condemn the British elite, has now been replaced with the “celebritariat.”

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The Cultural Value of Teak

If we find value in beauty, then our culture must be sensitive to the preservation of all beauty in any form.  A teak tree provides shade and longevity and wood from the tree will protect us if we accommodate its living.

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TypePad Value

After my free TypePad trial, I have decided to stick with “paying my way” blogging so I can continue to watch TypePad grow its features set in comparison with my ongoing experience with both Blogger and WordPress.

TypePad’s support folk are kind and responsive and that is important when you have a dire question or when you blog dies — and the inevitable truth of all life on the web is that everything eventually dies — sometimes things are reborn anew, but many times things stay dead without direct resuscitation.

Great Things About TypePad

I’ve had this WordPunk blog active on TypePad for a week now and I’ve made clear the things that concern me as a writer as I try to decide if buying into TypePad hosting is really worth $300.00 USD a year.

Sure, I could pay $90.00 USD a year for domain-mapped blogging on TypePad, but if you’re going to pay, why go small?

I have six more days to decide.

So here — in the air of being fair and delightful — are some things that TypePad does really well:

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The Value of Urban Dreams

In Recognizing the Uncommon Mind we discussed dreams and their associated value in living:

You’re right about dreaming. It is important for children. When those dreams reach beyond the family dynamic, however, those very dreams become dangerous.

One of my favorite assignments for my new writing students is a research project involving their parents.

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