I’ve had this WordPunk blog active on TypePad for a week now and I’ve made clear the things that concern me as a writer as I try to decide if buying into TypePad hosting is really worth $300.00 USD a year.

Sure, I could pay $90.00 USD a year for domain-mapped blogging on TypePad, but if you’re going to pay, why go small?

I have six more days to decide.

So here — in the air of being fair and delightful — are some things that TypePad does really well:

  • Google Sitemaps: One-click setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Site Verification: Easy file upload
  • JavaScript Support: See the Sidebar for Google Custom Search Business Edition
  • Custom RSS: Re-Burn your feed with your existing FeedBurner account
  • Quick Google Indexing: Minutes after you publish, your posts are searchable
  • Favicons:  Native support for separate blogs and easy to upload.
  • Fast Interaction: Changing pages and saving posts is speedy

I will continue to confer with my ongoing experience on all blogging platforms and keep you updated and informed on the changes and thrills I find lurking in the dark of the blogging backend.

Wait… that didn’t sound quite right…