Evaluating Lost Blog Readers: Ten Million vs. One Million

We reached the One Million — 1,000,000 — reader/hits/visitors milestone for the first time (again!) here on BolesBlogs.com since we became the consolidated Boles Blogs a year and five days ago.

Reaching a million of anything is an accomplishment and a joy, but it also forces you to reflect on what was and where you once stood as you wonder if you’d stayed the course and kept a finite focus, readership would likely be over Ten Million — 10,000,000 — reader/hits/visitors today instead of just a million.

In November 2007, when we were only the Urban Semiotic blog — we were close to smashing the one million mark — and we did just that a few weeks later!  It’s hard to imagine how many millions of readers we’d have tallied by now if we’d stayed a single blog.

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The Second Sign as Six Apart Comes Apart: Vox Bellyflops

We’ve been on Six Apart Death Watch for six months now, and yesterday, the Second Sign appeared that 6A are slowly clambering their way down into a Death Spiral from which they shall likely never recover.

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TypePad Value

After my free TypePad trial, I have decided to stick with “paying my way” blogging so I can continue to watch TypePad grow its features set in comparison with my ongoing experience with both Blogger and WordPress.

TypePad’s support folk are kind and responsive and that is important when you have a dire question or when you blog dies — and the inevitable truth of all life on the web is that everything eventually dies — sometimes things are reborn anew, but many times things stay dead without direct resuscitation.

Great Things About TypePad

I’ve had this WordPunk blog active on TypePad for a week now and I’ve made clear the things that concern me as a writer as I try to decide if buying into TypePad hosting is really worth $300.00 USD a year.

Sure, I could pay $90.00 USD a year for domain-mapped blogging on TypePad, but if you’re going to pay, why go small?

I have six more days to decide.

So here — in the air of being fair and delightful — are some things that TypePad does really well:

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Teasing WordPunk on TypePad

Thank you for reading post and helping me tease WordPunk.com on TypePad.

I would appreciate if you’d bang around here a bit and see if you find anything broken or if you there’s something missing that should be added.


More Thoughts on TypePad

I am curious to discover how the new MT4 update will affect TypePad, if at all.  Do we get new features before MT or does the process trickle down in reverse?

WordPress.com is the testbed for standalone WordPress so if you’re blogging on the Dot Com version you get to see and experience new features first in an ongoing basis.

TypePad vs. WordPress vs. Blogger Review

This is my second day on TypePad — I’m here to check out how for-pay TypePad compares with free WordPress.com and free Blogger blog hosting.

TypePad feels more like Blogger than WordPress.

The backend administrative interface for TypePad is feminine and designed to appeal to 13-year-old girls. WordPress’ backend is masculine and meaty. Blogger’s backend is industrial and unfriendly.

I do not like how TypePad and Blogger handle images. I have my own server. I want to store my images offsite and I don’t want to dig into HTML to code my image insertions.

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