This is my second day on TypePad — I’m here to check out how for-pay TypePad compares with free and free Blogger blog hosting.

TypePad feels more like Blogger than WordPress.

The backend administrative interface for TypePad is feminine and designed to appeal to 13-year-old girls. WordPress’ backend is masculine and meaty. Blogger’s backend is industrial and unfriendly.

I do not like how TypePad and Blogger handle images. I have my own server. I want to store my images offsite and I don’t want to dig into HTML to code my image insertions.

Adding FeedBurner widgets to TypePad and Blogger are much simpler than doing it on

TypePad needs to allow more than one raw RSS feed and more than one widget. handles guest authors better than TypePad and Blogger. handles moderation and Blacklisting better than Blogger — while TypePad appears to be trying to provide more control over who and what gets seen and published.

I hate the way TypePad truncates post titles as URLs.

The new ability to import a WordPress blog into TypePad should prove for some interesting competition of ideas and features in the future.

More to come…

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