I am curious to discover how the new MT4 update will affect TypePad, if at all.  Do we get new features before MT or does the process trickle down in reverse?

WordPress.com is the testbed for standalone WordPress so if you’re blogging on the Dot Com version you get to see and experience new features first in an ongoing basis.


  1. We do share a lot of efforts between the two platforms, so things like Pages and Widgets and even some of the listings screens that you see on TypePad first came to MT4 a little bit later. You may well see some parts come the other way; The WXR importer, for example, began as part of MT4 and came to TypePad shortly thereafter. There are definitely some nice benefits that the two platforms share, like all the themes that are available.

  2. Hi Anil!
    Thank you for posting the first comment ever on this new blog!
    I look forward to watching the TypePad backend grow a bit more mature. I’d like more than one widget and FeedBurner feed and more than one list as well as a way to mass edit posts and comments.
    Can you tell me why I can’t see my TypePad FeedBurner Feed in my regular FeedBurner account even though I signed up for the TypePad feed using my FeedBurner login information?
    Can you share how easy or hard it is to import a 35MB WordPress export into a TypePad blog? Is it at all possible?
    Which is considered the premier Six Apart blogging platform? MT4 or TypePad?

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