Spying the Google Store View

We already know that Google is a master at peeping at us. I’m not all that bothered about Google having their street teams out and about if it means that it will be easier for me to find my way to the Nederlander theater. I feel a little odd, if it is a true report, about the idea of Google entering stores and allowing people to virtually walk around them.

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The Deaf in Nike Hindsight

The prototype for the Nike Hindsight shades is a transforming experience for Deaf consumers.

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A Mirror View

by Steve Gaines

what have the oracles told me
how have the stars led me into the this cul de sac of an
once more caught up in the eddies of inspiration
up against the pitfalls of a practical life
without the incautious rationale of my old self
without things that make sense
the way they do when you can still do

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