The prototype for the Nike Hindsight shades is a transforming experience for Deaf consumers.

The idea behind the Nike Hindsight is that glasses — using a Fresnel lens on each side — help you see 25 degrees behind you, adding to your peripheral view.

For the Deaf, having that extra “side protection” helps them better cope on a busy street and that extra 25 degrees gives them a measurable amount of extra surroundings protection.

Hearing people can also benefit from the Nike Hindsight Shades — but they can also rely on their ears to sense danger and oncoming traffic.

For the Deaf — who hear with their eyes and not their ears — the Nike Hindsight is an audible-eye victory from the Gods; for now the disabled and the shifty-eyed can begin to know the love of designed kismet where safety and sport meet to unwittingly heal the world.


  1. I’m looking forward to trying on a pair to see how differently the world looks 🙂 This looks like a brilliant idea in theory – but will it have practical ramifications? I hope so. 🙂

  2. It will be strange, Gordon, to see more than we’re “supposed” to see. I’ve used “backward” glasses before that give you a mirror look behind you and love them. These new Nikes should be less clunky.

  3. I want one and i’m not deaf. Mandatory for every big city. We need to know who is around us at all times.

  4. Wow, such a great look! Hope it works equally great!
    Unfortunately this sporty look doesn’t gell well at all with me – I want a similar pair with slightly formal look – help, anyone?

  5. These are just brilliant, David! Definitely a must have for regular walkers on busy roads.

  6. I think my look is way too traditional to match anything sporty or funky…
    Very thin frame or rimless rectangular or oval shape works best for me. I mean I like that “me” more.

  7. I think they’re only the prototype stage right now, Dananjay, so let’s hope there’s enough interest out there to make them available for purchase everywhere!

  8. Sunwear is inseparable, David – I can’t live without them – it’s a must!

  9. personally, I prefer the aviator style as worn by Mr. Hunter S. Thompson. If you image google “hunter s. thompson aviators” you get quite a few. 🙂

  10. Nothing specific as such David!
    My current possessions happen to be Ray Ban and Maui Jim, I picked those up just because I liked their look.

  11. I guessed so David.
    Plastic works for me because I don’t need any prescribed lenses for my eyes, moreover, I prefer it because it is lighter than glass.

  12. Yes, less weight is a major advantage of plastic over glass, Katha. As well, plastic doesn’t shatter as readily as glass so it is safer for high-impact activity.

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