We are on a historic precipice of discovery or dismay.  The stakes have never been higher in my lifetime for the preservation of freedom against the epic oppression of the human spirit.  Will we stand and fight?  Or will we allow the good of us to be pushed over the cliff, yet again, by those filled with deception, viciousness and hatred?

Will our children weep for what was lost; or will they never know what was never won?  Will they grow up screaming for a freedom they never forgot — or will they die whimpering under the authoritarian’s thumb?

We owe it to those that follow us to bring forth the brightness in us right now and not allow our backs to be bent and our minds broken again and again.

We can win against those that prefer power instead of people and persecution to prosperity.

The decision is ours.  The sword is in our hands.  We must arc our arms and wield a deathblow that will sever us from the darkness and shine us into the sun of a righteous tomorrow.


  1. My greatest hope is for an overwhelming landslide victory. That, to me, would show that we have come somewhere in the last eight years and have learned something.

  2. I agree, Gordon. Only an overwhelming victory will erase the misery of the last eight years. We need action, not comity, decisions, not political posturing.

  3. Tough battle David, but worth winning! The “tomorrow” will be such a better and briter one! Wish you all the best!

  4. Rasmussen from this morning said he was up from yesterday by a bit and that McCain would have to win every single tossup state including the ones that are leaning towards obama and then some to win. I really hope it’s an obama landslide.

  5. I want Obama to Win Missouri and Georgia and Virginia and North Carolina and Florida and Ohio — I agree, Gordon, for him to govern, he needs an overwhelming win everywhere to give him a mandate to fix things fast. If Obama wins in a squeaker, and doesn’t get a majority in the Senate, he’ll have a hard time.

  6. Did you see John Mc on SNL? Couldn’t believe he’d stand there for all that abuse. Humiliating.

  7. I thought he looked pained and awful, Anne. He was an embarrassment to his campaign! Some pundits think his SNL appearance and the way he was made fun of… means that he knows he’s lost. He’s resigned to it and he’s trying to win back liberals and moderates with his “I’m still a good guy shtick.”

  8. Always David!
    I will be the happiest person in the other corner of the world if Obama wins!
    He is like a whiff of fresh air!

  9. Couldn’t agree more, David. Good luck!
    On a different note –
    Today’s header somehow resembles Washington DC, is that what it is?

  10. Thought so david.
    Been there, great city – loved the National Art Gallery and the three storied Barnes and Noble!

  11. Truly beautiful article, David!
    Fills me with a bright hope for an Obama landslide!

  12. We’re holding thumbs here, Dananjay. We’re either in for a world-changing event or the biggest defeat since… well… I don’t know if there is a since…

  13. Yes, David. I think the world will groan if McCain manages to effect a victory. And i guess that’s what makes it so momentous… that there hasn’t been a since.

  14. Katha —
    Yes, D.C. is a great city! We lived there for a year before moving to NYC. We lived right on Capitol Hill where Tip O’Neill was our neighbor up the street.

  15. It’s a beautiful city, Katha, but very hot and steamy — the entire city sits in the middle of a geographic bowl — so there’s no wind and little breeze. When it snows just a smidge, everything is cancelled, because the street plows have to be driven in from Maryland and Maryland plows all their streets first and then they come into D.C.
    Few people realize that Washington, D.C. is a Southern city — it sits right below the Mason-Dixon line.

  16. That’s a very heartening report, David! Obama has done his best, now we have to wait and see if the country deserves him.

  17. You already know that the majority of the rest of the world is also holding its breath and willing and hoping that America steps up tomorrow and votes Barack Obama into the White House.
    The American electorate hold the hopes and fears of so much more than the American people – they hold the hopes and fears of the whole world.
    They hold our collective tomorrows in their hands.
    What time do the polls close – and when do the first results start coming in – ie when can I sleep?

  18. It will be a scary day, tomorrow, Nicola — especially remembering 2004 when most of the world thought for a few hours that John Kerry was president of the United States. Exit Polling should be banned. It always favors the Democrat and they will likely skew much higher for Obama tomorrow than reality suggests.
    Polls vary from state to state. In NJ we can vote from 6am-8pm and most of the major media companies will not report any results — including exit polling — until the polls close in each state.
    One big difference this year is early voting. Not all states have it — NJ does not — but for those states that did offer it… the lines were incredibly long. That’s good for the Democrats. In Georgia, in heavy minority precincts, I saw on TV people standing in lines 10 hours long to vote.
    A good thing is that over 30% of the votes have already been submitted by the early vote method and that should mean terrific gains for the Democrats.

  19. 10 hours shows true dedication – we only get that for the Harrod’s sale!
    I hope the equipment holds up – I hope that there is a clear and just victory without any of the mechanical issues that clouded the last one.
    The world will hold its breath and watch and wait with you.

  20. There are some reports today of “vote flipping” with the touch screen machines. You press for the person you want to vote for and the screen changes your vote to vote for the person below or to the side of your selection. Strangely enough, the beneficiary of these “ghost votes” is: John McCain!

    The people at the polling place say it’s your responsibility to vote for who you want to vote for and if the machine doesn’t count your vote right, you have to fix it because you “aren’t doing it right.”

  21. I have just read his grandmother has just died 🙁
    The poor man what a conflict of emotions he must be going through.
    I do not like the look of those voting machines at all.

  22. Obama gave a moving live speech about her death, Nicola, about an hour ago on live TV as part of a campaign rally. It was incredibly touching. He was getting choked up a bit, but he made it through honoring her and celebrating her life.
    I agree the voting machines in the USA are incredibly awful and flawed. They need to be federalized. The states should not be allowed to run their own national elections. It’s simply ridiculous and plays to local niche politics.

  23. Wow, never knew it!
    My cousin lives in Bethesda, MD, I visited DC when I went to meet her – no one told me so!

  24. Any big city is fascinatingly suprising in that regard, David – I guess DC would be no exception.

  25. You’re right about that, Katha, but the wealth and power and the minority poverty are bleak and stark in DC.
    Be sure to check the private portal and your BU account before you disappear. SMILE!

  26. Will surely do, David! For some bizarre reason gmail is kicking me out todays, happens very rarely – but will surely check.

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