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Speak Louder, I Can't Hear You Over My Erection!

There’s a Devil’s Bargain in that little blue pill.  Sure, we knew Viagra could cause blue vision in exchange for sexual pleasure, but who knew the Devil would take a second bite of our withering masculinity to cause hearing loss as well?

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Mind Manager or Paper Pusher?

When you elect a national leader — do you want a Mind Manager or a Paper Pusher?

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Big Thinkers

The word requires Big Thinkers.

The job of the Big Thinker is to sit around and tinker with ideas and connect them with opposite thoughts and unheard of notions.

Connecting the dots where most people see only white space is what sets the Big Thinker apart from the meandering mind that merely sits and waits for instruction on living while the world spins around them.

Big Thinkers set agendas, create visions, and make the notion of a darkening world a brighter place.

Honor big thoughts by confirming your interest in, and your desire of, changes that improve humanity instead of leaving us rotting in the status quo.

Boles Books GIS and Glencoe McGraw-Hill

After a hard-nosed — but always friendly — negotiation, we are pleased to announce the small involvement of Boles Books Writing & Publishing ™ in providing some GIS (Geographic Information Systems) material from our ongoing Dramatic Medicine project concerning GIS in Public Health to Glencoe/McGraw-Hill publishing in a three book textbook deal.

World Geography and Cultures

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A Stretchable Morality

I overheard a conversation the other day. The quick manipulation of morality to stretch doing the right thing was miserably revealing. One guy asked another if he were driving a car and a dog ran into the street and he hit the dog and broke its leg, would he stop to find the owner or help the dog?

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