The Canny and the Dead Canary

We live in perilous times. Those sworn to protect us, betray us. Those set apart to foment dissent are too frightened to stand against the tide for fear of drowning; and so all the rest of us are left to perish, withering in the plains, dissolving along the plattes — but never resuscitating in the pinnacles — and so we are forever, longingly, tripping into the pits of the Uncanny Valley.

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My 2016 Presidential Campaign

As we stretch into 2016, the politics of our nation cannot be ignored for their short-fingered vulgarity and the ultimate distress of who we’ve become as a teenaged nation. I’m missing the human connection in the race for the White House and so I wrote a little speech I would love to give to my supporters who have asked me to run — not really, but in my blogger mind — for the presidency.

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That Ringing in Your Ears is the Music of Your Mind

We have a horrible new neighbor living above us, and she’s young and preppy and VERY LOUD!  She bangs things on her wood floor/our ceiling all day and all night long.  She walks heavy on her heels back and forth and back again.  She drags her furniture across her wood floor/our ceiling that creates fingernails-on-chalkboard by osmosis.

I have taken to using earplugs when she’s at her most obnoxious and the earplugs do seem to filter out the precise range of her banging on our heads to make her terrorism from above us sort of tolerable.  I’ll leave the whole injustice of, “Why should I have to wear earplugs all day long so I can’t hear you being obnoxious?” question for another day.

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Petting the Mainstream Middling Mind: An Indictment Against Standardized Testing

I have never been a fan of standardized testing in schools.  There’s too big a variable at play — missing the wild mind — and these tests praise and condone only the middle.  If you don’t do well on these tests, you are not moved forward or thought of as a significant thinker.  The system doesn’t mind if your wild view of the world matters.  The only thing the test givers care about is finding, and approving, the mainstream, middling, mind to guarantee, and impress, conformity.

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Why Should We Save NPR from Slashing Its Own Throat?

The slimy attack on NPR by the same immoral idiots who previously tried to ravage Planned Parenthood makes it clear we are in the midst of a cultural jihad from the jingoistic hard right wing of the Republican party.  Good people need to stand up, and shout, “Enough!” against these crusaders — because the mainstream media won’t do it because they are too busy being led around like lost puppies by these dark and evil forces that survive only to cut down our free speech and temper any debate in their favor.

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The Risk of the Misunderstood

Being misunderstood as an artist is a dangerous state to tempt because it means you are beyond common thinking and you are, and forever shall be, on your own.

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The Implantable Telescopic Eye

I love it when technology doesn’t just ride to the rescue, but rather races to your side, lifts you up in its arms, and propels you, headlong, into a better, and brighter, future.  VisionCare’s new “Implantable Telescopic Eye” is just such a magnificent propeller.

Here is the official blurp from VisionCare:

The Implantable Telescope Technology platform incorporates wide-angle micro-optical lenses in a Galilean telescope design. Based on this proprietary technology, VisionCare’s lead product (Implantable Miniature Telescope by Dr. Isaac Liphitz), along with the cornea, enlarges images in front of the eye approximately 2.2 or 2.7 times their normal size (depending on the model used). The magnification allows central images to be projected onto healthy perimacular areas of the retina instead of the macula alone, where breakdown of photoreceptors and loss of vision has occurred. This helps reduce the ‘blind spot’ and allows the patient to distinguish and discern images that may have been unrecognizable or difficult to see.

What an incredible discovery!

The Telescopic Eye is unimaginable Bionic Man stuff from my youth, and even though the price is high — the surgery will cost you a new cornea and $15,000.00USD for the telescope alone — you just can’t help finally thinking there are shining shards of bright light in the world than can cut, laser-like, through the din and dark of our dingy lives to let us see again the beauty around us.