As we stretch into 2016, the politics of our nation cannot be ignored for their short-fingered vulgarity and the ultimate distress of who we’ve become as a teenaged nation. I’m missing the human connection in the race for the White House and so I wrote a little speech I would love to give to my supporters who have asked me to run — not really, but in my blogger mind — for the presidency.

We live in a time of uncertainty. We may be angry. We may be scared. We are never unwilling.

Now, in this moment of dark introspection of who we are and what we wish to become, we turn to each other in shadow and ask, “Will I succeed?” and “Can I pay my own way into the next day?”

These are the hard questions of living that concern us, and the only way forward is to gather in the light and make sure we help each other find our way in taking the next right step.

Today, I offer you my hand in sharing a vision of America where we watch out for each other, and where we divine how we are able to accommodate wealth and success without hurting each other, and how we will always never again need to question why we must continue to educate both mind and soul without cost or forethought.

Together, we will reform what it means to be a nation of complete, healthy, people who understand the human condition is a shared suffering — and a community of the wanting — and that it is more important to thrive than to just survive.

Now, vote for me today — and together tomorrow — we win forever!

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