My 2016 Presidential Campaign

As we stretch into 2016, the politics of our nation cannot be ignored for their short-fingered vulgarity and the ultimate distress of who we’ve become as a teenaged nation. I’m missing the human connection in the race for the White House and so I wrote a little speech I would love to give to my supporters who have asked me to run — not really, but in my blogger mind — for the presidency.

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2015: The Year of Wonderment and Infection

2015 is not only upon us, but within us, and in the reflexive examination of the year that was, 2014 appears as a sort of bland monument of stasis in the evolution of living. Sure, there were killings and wars and disease and stalemates — and yet it all seemed alarmingly familiar as if we’d already lived all those cultural queues in previous quotations. 2015, so far at least, has a different taste and smell — and there may be some hope of anticipation that some exciting forward movement will be arriving to penetrate the world with some goodness and wonderment.

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That Lad Can Throw: Ten Sentence Story #106

The lad, at two-years-old, picked up a peach pit and threw it in a straight line against the broadside of a barn.

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Bridging the Gap Between Artist and Fan with Kickstarter

Artists for the last few years have a new venue to not only communicate with their fans but to actually involve the fans in the production of their work. In the past, for example, a band would have to play concerts or work side jobs if they wanted to raise the money they needed to pay for studio time or for mastering and pressing of their music onto vinyl or compact disc. This has all been fundamentally changed with Kickstarter, and other sites like it, which allow people to directly fund artists so that they can make their artistic projects a reality.

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No Idea is Forever

We know a promise only lives as long as the one making the promise, and today we must confess that no idea is forever. 

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The Life of a Promise

A promise is limited.  A promise is binding only one way.  A promise is not forever. 

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The Covenants of Modern Faith

Is there such a thing as a universal covenant between people today that is unspoken, yet understood?  Or are we all doomed to the niches of our own faith? 

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