A promise is limited.  A promise is binding only one way.  A promise is not forever. 

A promise only lives as long as the promiser. 

You cannot transfer a promise from one person to another.

Promises need to be renewed and recreated.

Promises are intimate between two people. 

Promises are never covenants because covenants are always public and legalistic.

There is no outside binding power in a promise — the inherent morality of those who promise is the only hope the promise will actually be fulfilled.

Promises are static and non-elastic. 

Promises are brittle and they live and die in the now — so enjoy them while you can and the exchange of promises is always the best guarantee of reciprocal happiness.


  1. How true, David!
    We just hope all the “promises” come true – but surely it depends on the promiser.
    Most people often refrain from making a “promise” because of this overwheling weight of the very word – I guess!

  2. I think promises are important, Katha, and I love it that they are hard to keep — that means they mean something!

  3. We may claim to be non-racists (talking about image you put up) but that doesn’t mean it goes beyond us. We have to let each generation know about the history and let them make their own promises.

  4. Anne —
    Yes, that’s it! We only own our now. We cannot promise things in the future that we cannot personally deliver. Glad you noted the image. Powerful stuff from Norman Rockwell!

  5. Yes, he had more than just a happy eye — he could see, and express — the darkness as well, Anne.

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