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The Starbucks Iced Via Review

The last couple of months, I have really been enjoying iced coffee at Starbucks. I don’t know what it is about walking to the office with a reusable tumbler in hand full of iced coffee when the weather is hot and generally icky that makes it considerably more bearable. It is also a pretty simple drink to order — in a coffee place like Starbucks where guides are written to show you how to order a cup of coffee.

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Unplugging the Prison Microwave

Rogue inmates are part of the criminal genius community:  Without their evil cunning and punishing intelligence and their clever ability to create something out of nothing for self-profit — they would not be behind bars.  Only the SuperGenius mind would think to use Vaseline as an implement of death in Lansing, Michigan:

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The Burning Hand

We all know a match burns twice.

Few realize hot water burns forever.

Boiled water in a cup spilled once on your wrist burns you twice on your hand then thrice on your leg — and on and on in evaporating, fiery, droplets — as you react and flinch until there’s nothing left of you to burn.

A Brief History of Waterboarding

We are having a heated political discussion in the USA this week wondering if waterboarding is torture or not as Michael Mukasey faces a Senate confirmation hearing on his attorney general nomination — but waterboarding has a long history as part of the human core in antiquity:

Waterboarding is a technique in which prisoners are subjected to simulated drowning by binding them to an inclined board, with their feet raised and head a bit below their feet. Then cellophane or cloth is wrapped over a prisoner’s face and water is poured over the person.

Vietnam 1968: In Da Nang, the U.S. military used waterboarding as an interrogation technique:

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Water Intoxication and the Deadly Slake

We have been taught to drink a lot of water. Some people drink 64 fl oz. – or two liters — of water a day. Are eight 8 oz. glasses of water too much or just enough?
Our bodies need water and salt. If we drink too much water too rapidly we risk diluting our salt content and putting ourselves in a state of hyponatraemia — a loss of enough salt in the blood — and that can lead to heart trouble and brain malfunction. 

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Benefits of a Neti Pot

I use a Neti Pot every day to clean out my sinuses.

The feeling is great — it calms and soothes me. I take a Neti Pot, fill it with warm water, add some Kosher saltNeti Pot (nothing added to it like iodine or something else) and I bend over and pour it all into my right nostril!

Then I do it all over again for my left nostril!

The first time I Neti Potted myself I was amazed to see all the bits of black stuff that were washed out from within me.

Living in high-density areas where people and pollution are your constant neighbors and always within elbow’s reach, the germs and dirt they bring into your life — err, your nose — need to be cleaned out every day or you risk getting a cold or irritating your delicate sinus lining.

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Where We'll Live

by Greg Van Belle

No one expected it to last, least of all me. But I woke up next to Alison and it had been snowing for two days. The weight of it was more than we could bear.

That night I dreamt of rolling down grassy hillsides and stumbling dizzy back to the top for another ride. When I woke our houseboat was canted toward the sea, sinking under the pressure of the freshly fallen snow.

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