Grabbing and Pointing that Domain

Grabbing a good domain name is getting harder and harder as the pool of good .COM domain names thins in the raucous ether of everyone with an internet connection wanting a personalized website.

Not every domain name requires a website.  In fact, grabbing a domain and then pointing it to an existing website can be an effective means to propagate the idea of your brand beyond a single thought.

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The Return of the David Boles Gang!

The Wayback Machine can bring both pleasure and pain as you reflect back on who you used to be and where you hoped to land in your virtual internet dreams.

One of the hard lessons learned of an early life on the internet is that domain names have great value beyond the ordinary now.

Over a decade ago I had a domain name — — for my original life on the internet that hooked into “The David Boles Gang!” web presence and, for some reason I still do not understand, I decided to let that URL lapse into non-renewal.

Someone else immediately gobbled up that domain and I was instantly filled with regret and longing for my world.  I wanted to get that URL back!

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David Boles Dot Com

I was able to recently procure the website address and if you go to that new address online it will take you to my main internet information portal of websites that I call The David W. Boles Entrepot.

When you author books or when you present information for sale online your brand becomes you.
When your brand is you, your name becomes your brand.

David Boles Dot Com is now alive so please feel free to bookmark the site and to visit us often.