The Wayback Machine can bring both pleasure and pain as you reflect back on who you used to be and where you hoped to land in your virtual internet dreams.

One of the hard lessons learned of an early life on the internet is that domain names have great value beyond the ordinary now.

Over a decade ago I had a domain name — — for my original life on the internet that hooked into “The David Boles Gang!” web presence and, for some reason I still do not understand, I decided to let that URL lapse into non-renewal.

Someone else immediately gobbled up that domain and I was instantly filled with regret and longing for my world.  I wanted to get that URL back!

I have since been patient and prescient — waiting and watching and lurking for the instant I could grab back that domain — and yesterday luck and kismet were mine!

I was able to re-claim my lost glory and take back one of the original internet URLs I cared for and created!


The David Boles Gang! currently re-directs to for now — just to re-establish its connection and longing.

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