The Blistering Wind

The body is an amazing mechanism.  It regulates heat and cold.  It does its best to protect us from harm.  Our bodies are our last stand against the weather.

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The Erotic Whisper and Your Hearing Skin

A whisper, if performed the right way, isn’t about hearing something at all.  A whisper is all about feeling.  A whisper is a public intimacy between two people wrapped in secretive sharing and a sensational tickling as puffs of warm words are delivered to the skin surrounding the receiver’s ear.

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A Vornado Cools the City Core

When you roast in the Summer urban core without air conditioning or a ceiling fan or any sort of reliable cooling method other than a span fan or a box fan, you need to find a way to cool your human core fast because the threat to heart and health is losing your mind and melting away your senses.
Please meet the vision cured to cool you forever, the Vornado 280SSB Full Size Air Circulator:

The Vornado

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A Cornet on the Wind

by Steve Gaines

my grandfather is both real to me
and a ghost I never knew
an old man
and the young 19th century “adventurer”
he used to tell me about
over cups of black coffee and camel cigarettes
he had to sneak out to smoke

there was a picture
that told the story…
the young footless nomad
with his cornet and the look of leaving again…

the picture sings still in my own sixty year old memory:

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