When you roast in the Summer urban core without air conditioning or a ceiling fan or any sort of reliable cooling method other than a span fan or a box fan, you need to find a way to cool your human core fast because the threat to heart and health is losing your mind and melting away your senses.
Please meet the vision cured to cool you forever, the Vornado 280SSB Full Size Air Circulator:

The Vornado

Now $80 might sound like a lot to pay for a simple fan — and you’d be right — but the Vornado is no simple fan. It is Vortex. It is a Tornado. A VORnado.
You can cool an entire room with an “indirect natural breeze” by pointing your Vornado
at the wall or ceiling and “bouncing” the breeze off the hard surfaces
and onto your sweltering, sweaty, body.

It’s a delightful feeling and
it doesn’t dry out your nose and eyes like an air conditioner can and
will. You can also push air really hard through a shotgun hallway to
bring in fresh air from one room to another at the other end of the

A Vornado is tinier than it looks and stronger than you
think. The dial allows you to call up any variation of fan speed you
like. I keep mine — all three of my Vornado 280SSB Full Size Air Circulators — maxed out at the highest setting all day and all night long.

For those who care, you can also easily remove the grill to clean the blades because a Vornado is built to last a decade and not just a single hot Summer.
Why buy a new fan every year when you can buy a Vornado once and forget about ever buying another?

A Vornado is not merely a beast.
A Vornado is a beast made to tame humankind.


  1. Hiya tajuki!
    Thanks for the backup on the greatness of the Vornado fans!
    There is a large range of Vornado fans from personal devices that sit on your desk to cool your face to those that sit on a floor to cool a room.

  2. Yes, they are powerful, tajuki. I like the dial that lets you set any breeze or wind you wish — there are not just three fan settings there are as many as you can create between the High and the Low settings on the variable dial.

  3. Sheesh! I’ve never even heard of these before! They sound pretty good. Anywhere on the Lower Mainland of Vancouver sell them ya think?

  4. I have been using Vornado Air circulators for about 10 years now….I have a big one and a smaller one.
    I would like to take one to my Sea place inSpain. Do they have them with 120V 240 v?….. Please let me know..

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