Curtains Make Good Neighbors and Bad Art

The quickest way to lose any social argument is to hide behind claiming the wellbeing of your children is at risk while not standing in front of them and offering them direct protection.  If you’re truly concerned about the welfare of your offspring, instantly act on their behalf, and don’t slog into the courts to beg a remedy to a simple matter of privacy that could be solved simply by drawing the curtains.

There’s an old saying in the Deaf Community when it comes to watching other people’s Sign Language conversations from across the room — “eyes for for?” — meaning “my eyes are for watching, and if you don’t want to be watched, then move out of my line of sight. Make your own privacy.”

Today, we could say the same thing about a camera in situ — “photos for for?”

There’s a big hoo-hah here in New York City over the right of a family to demand privacy in their floor-to-ceiling windowed apartment — even though they leave the curtains open — so anyone, and everyone, can see directly into their living space.

One neighbor, Arne Svenson, found the patterns of the family’s windows intriguing and took a series of images of them as part of his “The Neighbors” photography series.  Here’s an example from his fascinating collection:

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When Freshly Pressed is Sponsored Stale

When first introduced the Freshly Pressed concept, I was quite excited. Here was an opportunity to learn about blogs about which I was unaware — with 50 million blogs being counted in 2006 and nearly 200,000 new ones being made every day, it’s impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff without some kind of assistance. According to Joy Victory, the Editorial Czar at WordPress, it is not too difficult to get your WordPress blog featured on the Freshly Pressed page.

Each post that makes it to Freshly Pressed contains original content created by the WordPress user. Bad stuff includes (but isn’t limited to) plagiarism, hate speech, fear-mongering, adult/mature content, improperly used images that belong to someone else, spam or content that is primarily advertorial.

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Yahoo! Music Unlimited and the iRiver H340

It took four days to get all 1,119 songs transferred from my Yahoo! Music Unlimited account to my new iRiver H340 music box.
The reason it took so long, I believe, is because the Yahoo! Music Unlimited software is still in beta and there is verifiable, repeatable, communication problem between Yahoo! and my H340.

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ACT! 4.0 for Windows

Forget about “where do you want to go today?” Most of us have to work for a living. The more meaningful question for me is “where am I supposed to be today… right now?!” We’ve come a long way from carrying crumbled notes in our pockets. I used to be wonderful at taking notes that I either couldn’t read or couldn’t remember what they were related to. Palm Pilots and other PDAs have helped solve the nuisance of lost notes, but even the Palm (it’s always in my pocket) isn’t a truly industrial strength organizer… it’s the best when you’re on the go, but I still haven’t seen anyone in their office with a Palm keyboard (don’t laugh, you can get one) typing correspondence or printing activity calendars.

I found the need for a contact manager long before the first Palm Pilot. Ten years ago, there wasn’t much in the way of choice. When in doubt, chose the market leader, right. Right? So my first experience in trying to tame chaos was with the now forgotten Polaris Pack Rat 3.0. What an eye-opener… this early windows program could do almost anything (or so it seemed at the time). It was configurable in a number of unique ways to allow you to associate lots of different things with contacts and to change the screen display any way you felt like it. Its only problem… it crashed a lot and you lost data when it crashed; not very acceptable over time. Finally the company was victim of the “tar baby upgrade” syndrome-the one that wouldn’t work right no matter what-and they went out of business around 1992.

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There's a Pain in My Windows

by Guy Lerner

Is the PC industry slowing down?

Yes, I’m serious. Crazy as it may seem, either it’s my warped imagination, or the speed of innovation we’ve become accustomed to in the Wintel world is faltering. I’ll need to quantify this question, of course, because innovation as I’ve defined it is not one immovable monolith. Many parts of the puzzle are indeed coming together at lightening pace, but others don’t seem to have budged for years.

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Safe Palm Pilot Transfers to Act for Windows

Discussions of contact managers and PIMs often take on the characteristics of a religious debate… fierce positions, often adversarial, seldom resolved. This article will avoid that fevered controversy by limiting the scope of discussion to practical tips for users of Act for Windows and any version of the Palm Pilot (personal, pro or III).

Since early last year, Symantec has provided a free utility for synching Act for Windows with the Palm Pilot. You can download this patch free from the Symantec Web site (under products select ACT and select free downloads). The file is about 6 Mb, so pick a time when you can handle a file that large.

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