It took four days to get all 1,119 songs transferred from my Yahoo! Music Unlimited account to my new iRiver H340 music box.
The reason it took so long, I believe, is because the Yahoo! Music Unlimited software is still in beta and there is verifiable, repeatable, communication problem between Yahoo! and my H340.

If the yellow Yahoo! Music Unlimited progress bar stops moving you have
to unplug the H340 and close Yahoo! and start the whole thing over
again. I could usually get 30 songs to copy over to the H340 before I
had to shut down and unplug and start over.

The trick, I discovered, to getting Yahoo! Music Unlimited to reliably
recognize the H340 when I plugged it in again was to turn off the H340
before asking Yahoo! Music Unlimited to recognize it again. Once I
figured that out the copy process, while tedious, at least became
predictable. Before I figured out what to do I would sit staring at
Windows XP refusing to recognize the H430 or Yahoo! Music Unlimited not
wanting to recognize the H340.
Now that my library is finally on the H340 the player works fine.

iPod still beats the iRiver H340 in ease-of-use and beauty. You can’t
use the H340 in the dark because you can’t see the buttons. The
lighted buttons on my old iPod made night listening a fun and eerie

Yahoo! Music Unlimited, even in beta, in a fine system for managing
your music. All the songs come down in WMA format at 44KHz and are
recorded at 192K quality. If you have a pre-existing relationship with
Yahoo! the experience is even better because all your Yahoo! warp and
woof weave together.


  1. i just attempted to sync my yahoo music to my spankin’ new (used from ebay) h340. the WMA file transfer (protected content) requires that we use the USB 1.1 (!!!) port one the h340 — you can’t use the USB 2.0 port. i’m sure that doesn’t help….

  2. Hi Jon —
    Yes, USB 1.1 is irritatingly pokier than 2.0.
    My h340 was really slow in copying music. With the latest Yahoo! Build (114) my h10 behaves much better in transferring the music.

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