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The Digital Age of Electronic Self-Publishing: How Long is a Book?

We recently wondered here — How Long is a Piece of String? — and today I’d like to take that question to the next thought to ask: “How Long is a Book?”

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Tending Polymathic Branding Tentacles

Do you brand your online life to identify the work you do in all aspects?

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The Definition of Nigger, Niggle, Niggly

I love words. I love writing words. I love reading words. I love hearing words. I have a new WordPunk blog that deals with “words in the wilds.” The power of words is in their definition. Words have meanings only because they are shared in context and understood between people. Dictionaries help bridge the fuzzy confusion between definition and meaning. Imagine, then, my delight and horror in receiving this email from a university professor friend of mine:

Word came down from above that we are no longer allowed to use “niggle” or “niggly” or any variety thereof in writing or speaking with students because “they sound and look too much like that other word” (the N-word) and we don’t “want to upset the student body.” I thought they were joking at first until I also saw a warning against using “spook” in class, too.

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Writing No Longer Matters

The Boston Globe reported last week many top American universities are ignoring the writing portion of the SAT exam when deciding whether or not to admit high school students into their programs of study.

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Genius Born in Collective Ciphers

Genius is born in collective ciphers — and the brilliance in the cooperative remains hidden until there is an expressed peril to group stakes — then an emergency encryption of memes and forms of protective thought are ignited, risking decoded secrets and nothingness.


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I Married a WordPunk

Okay, so I have David W. Boles’ WordPunk ™ up and running and Going Great Guns over at TypePad. Now there’s the problem of identity and branding.

I came up with this simple logo. I love logos that look like text but are really images. Here’s the single-line logo:

WordPunk Logo Single Line

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Help Test WordPunk and WordPrescience

I need your help testing two new sites. The first site is a new blog called — hosted on the for-pay TypePad blog service owned by Six Apart — you can click on the following image to be taken straight to the feedback article:

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