WordPrescience.com is now WordPunk.com!

Owning domain names is one of the few, joyous, pleasures of life.  You have an idea.  You try to congeal that notion into a memorable .com domain — and you always try to then give those ideas a good home.  Today, I am both sad and delighted to share some news with you about my WordPrescience.com domain.

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Moving Movable Type 4 to Media Temple

UPDATE:  April 23, 2008.  This Urban Semiotic blog — and all of David W. Boles’ domains and blogs are now solely hosted by Pair Networks!  We will give you more information soon.  We are leaving this article online to protect the chain of understanding and we will update this space as necessary.

As you know, we recently moved this Urban Semiotic blog from WordPress to Movable Type 4.1 and we were hosted by the fine folks at Pair Networks. We are grateful for their previous love and support as we announce today yet another move of this blog – as well as RelationShaping.com and WordPunk.com – over to my pre-existing Media Temple 3.5 dv-Rage server and Movable Type Open Source 4.1.

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Playing the April Fool

I do not like April Fool’s Day. I find it dull. The only worse day of the year is “Speak Like a Pirate Day” — that I battle each year with “International Never Speak Like a Pirate Day” — because one idiocy deserves another.

It’s a pain to put up with everyone trying to put one over on you on April 1. Have you ever been played as the April Fool? If so, how did they “get” you?

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Starbucks in Declination: Brewing Trouble, Not Coffee

Is Starbucks a brand in declination and a failing business? Has the reality of paying $8.00 for a latte finally hit bean bottom of a pitless pocketbook as people realize they can no longer afford fancy coffees if they can’t first pay their mortgages and mounting credit card bills?

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Blind and Black and the Governor of New York

Yesterday, David Paterson was sworn in as the 55th governor of the State of New York. Governor Paterson is also first Blind and Black man to hold that high office.

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Grabbing and Pointing that Domain

Grabbing a good domain name is getting harder and harder as the pool of good .COM domain names thins in the raucous ether of everyone with an internet connection wanting a personalized website.

Not every domain name requires a website.  In fact, grabbing a domain and then pointing it to an existing website can be an effective means to propagate the idea of your brand beyond a single thought.

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My Kingdom for a Kindle or Two or Six!

The $400.00USD Amazon Kindle eReader sold out in less than five hours on its debut day November 20th. The next batch sold out even quicker — I was lucky to get one delivered Friday — and the third batch of Kindles will not be available for purchase until after December 25th.

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