The Genius Cutthroat Thuggery of Apple Fitness+

When Apple announced their new total workout app — Apple Fitness+ — I was stunned at the sheer audacity and cutthroat thuggery of the move, and I was never more proud to be a dedicated Apple fanatic and loyal Apple Watch owner. Apple isn’t aiming for Peloton with this subscription App release. No, Apple is aiming to kill off the Nike Training Club, Centr, FitBod, Sworkit, Strava, Adidas Training — and all other exercise and fitness Apps — and, perhaps, even one day, MyFitnessPal. Yes, Apple is going to knock out the small fry competition with their big, giant, footprint, and they’re doing it because there’s gold in them thar fields: One Workout App to Unite Them All!

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Destroying the Typical New Year Resolution

I have written about New Year’s resolutions in the past but with this article, it is all going to end. My new years resolution this year is to never write another article about the problems inherent with New Year’s resolutions. Wait — let me rethink that. On second thought…

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The RevAbs Review

On November 15th, I started a new workout program called RevAbs. It’s not that I was unhappy with my morning workout per se, I just wanted to invest a solid three months into a structured workout regime — moreover, I specifically wanted to target an area of my body that I felt had been really hit hard by poor diet and lack of physical activity for the majority of the time that I lived in Seattle — my abdominal area. What better workout program to use than something called RevAbs — right?

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Does Madge Have Man Arms?

I read online the other day that Madonna — aka “Madge” — now has “Man Arms” — and I immediately wondered two things.  One: is there a proper and acceptable aesthetic for the look of one’s arms based on gender alone?  Two: What is wrong with Madonna that she thinks those arms are in any way good for her?

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P90X Review, Part Two

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” How often I have repeated this expression, an adaptation of a couple of verses from a poem by Robert Burns : “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” This seems quite relevant to my P90X training and it stuck out to me over and over again when I thought I had things just right, and then managed to fail in a glorious manner.

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Nike Free 5.0 Review

I ordered a pair of Nike Free 5.0 shoes the other day and from the moment I put them on I realized
Nike Free 5.0
how much better technology not only makes our minds, but our feet as well!

The whole idea behind the “Free 5.0” Nike’s is that, even though you are wearing shoes, it feels like you are going barefoot. Nike pulls off that idea in a grand and incredible way.

Here’s how:
The 5.0 shoes come with two inserts: 5.0 and 4.5. You are supposed to use the 5.0 insert first because it has more padding for the balls and heels of your feet.

Then, when your feet are stronger, you put in the 4.5 soles that have no extra padding and then it really feels like you are walking barefoot.

I went right for the 4.5 innersoles because the 5.0 inserts felt like I was wearing regular shoes. I’m already big on barefoot so I felt my feet were strong enough for the 4.5s.

The 4.5s do make you feel as if you are walking barefoot.


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Wai Lana Yoga Easy Workout

I confess! I know nothing about Yoga! In fact, when I was but a wee lad, I thought “Yoga” and “yogurt” were the same thing. However, as the years progressed and I became more aware of the world around me, I slowly started to listen for clues as to what this “Yoga” thing meant. I’d hear folks in small groups discussing the benefits of Yoga and that slow drip over the hard rock of my mind wore away the insolence of my youth.

Yoga is over 5,000 years old. Yoga serves as the glue for binding the mind, body and spirituality together as one. Pilates takes several of its exercises directly from the Yoga canon and that was a pleasant surprise since I know and enjoy Pilates.

The PBS Yoga shows of my youth came sprouting back to my mind as a modern wonderment. I decided to confront my ignorance and discover precisely what the practice of Yoga could mean in my life. I contacted a woman named Wai Lana and asked for her help. This review is the result of that connection. Born in Hong Kong, Wai Lana has been teaching Yoga for 15 years across the world. Wai Lana Yoga can also be seen on PBS stations across the country.

Review Lights
I will rate each Wai Lana Yoga Easy Workout video individually with our standard system of one to five Go Inside Magazine Review Lights. Five green GO lights are best while all red STOP lights are the worst. Nothing I say here should be taken as a guarantee of product or a promise of performance. Before starting any Yoga routine, please consult with your doctor first. A text tag will also be placed under the Review Lights so you’ll know the colors of the lights in case you choose to print out this review on a black and white printer.

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