I read online the other day that Madonna — aka “Madge” — now has “Man Arms” — and I immediately wondered two things.  One: is there a proper and acceptable aesthetic for the look of one’s arms based on gender alone?  Two: What is wrong with Madonna that she thinks those arms are in any way good for her?

Do we need separate aesthetics based on gender?

Or is there an overall usefulness in a single theory of human beauty?

Madonna must find her arms appealing, but I find them appalling as an example for imitation:  Nobody should have arms that are that emaciated and vein-popping when just walking down the street. 

We know Madge’s arms don’t naturally look like that — her body used to be humanly normal and well-fitted to the aesthetic of her career — but the last five years or so, she’s gone extreme into the visibly unhealthy and we must begin to wonder why and ask her for remedies against this new cultural standard of demonstrative public starvation.


  1. Those are rather frightening arms, actually. I wonder what look she is trying to accomplish.

  2. Gordon,
    Her arms keep getting thinner and more vein-like and it’s becoming a point of overdone grossness. She obviously thinks she looks great and that’s why she’s showing off her ropes — and that’s what makes me think she might have some sort of body image impairment because she looks terrible.

  3. Yikes! I am a runner/fitness buff but even for me (also being female) those arms scare me vs. inspire me. I actually think they do not look human nor can I even imagine how much weight training would even be required to get anyone’s arms to that state. I know how much work is required for women in particular to get their arms muscular in any way so that’s just frightening. I am all for being in shape and toned, but that’s just creepy.

  4. That’s an interesting thought David. I know as I work out more myself, I have to monitor calorie intake to make sure I am actually eating enough since the more active you get, the more you actually have to consume to make up for the higher metabolism. I know Madonna is very fit & does yoga, pilates, etc. & whatever it is she is doing to her arms but that’s beyond creepy & scary…if you also look at her neck area she is rail thin…& I know of no woman’s whose veins pop out like that unless they are super thin…

  5. Right! She has absolutely no fat — she’s skin, bone, veins, and atrophied muscle: NOT A GOOD LOOK! We need a little bit of fat to protect our vital areas. Not all fat is bad!

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