by Marshall Jamison

Editor’s Note: Don’s Heritage was written for sportscaster and pledge drive host Don Gill’s retirement from the Nebraska Educational Television Network in December of 1996.

Boy, will we ever miss his magical happy touch!
His never failing gift with words, enriching us so much!
For I’ve seen it happen every time Don Gill gets up
to speak.
You listen, we listen to his words, well chosen and
with a thoughtful touch of humor that always makes
us smile.

Yes, this master Storyteller spins a magic to beguile
and his simple, selling spiel always seems to appeal
to reluctant viewers who often are hedging at

Like Frank Gifford, Red Barber or Mel Allen, he seems
to heighten the attraction
when describing graphically the action of football,
baseball, basketball
for you all!

With a flare that he’s demonstrated for all of
his life
that may even have helped to attract his wonderful
Don, you’ve lifted our hearts with your cues for

We’ll take a breath, pause, and wish you and Donna
a happy ever after!