by Marshall Jamison

Editor’s Note: Bill Ramsay served as Head of Engineering for many years at the Nebraska ETV Network.

Bill Ramsay is known as quiet, gentle man
who lets his actions speak for him, after careful plan.
Warm friend, good neighbor, leader by example
rather than command.
The Sort of man you want beside you
when you need a helpful, thoughtful hand,
or leading the way when vision and courage,
knowledge and truth are in demand.

A high flier, whose goals transcend the call
of duty
whose interest highlights great music and
fine art in a search for beauty.

His years of service to our Network reflect
real advances in knowledge and technique
and mark his contributions to Broadcast
Engineering, outstanding and unique!

So this poor Rhymester leaves this happy thought
with you ~
Bill’s a man to build a dream on
if you want it to come true!