I have been asked by many people through the years why I teach and why I publish Go Inside as a free magazine. Most of the people who ask these questions are in business where the burden of their lives is building wealth, power and success. I call them “non-aesthetic thinkers” and they do not understand the value of living a life undefined by property and means.

The Life of the Artist
The artist is compelled to lead a life under the ever-changing guise of the unthinkable while searching to express the unknowable. The necessary lot of the artist in society is the continual expansion of the aesthetic enrichment of the soul. That burden is not generally appreciated nor understood by the non-aesthetic popular majority.

Teaching Philosophy
I was recently asked my philosophy of teaching playwriting at the University level. I replied with the following:

I am bound to University teaching because it demands that I produce and train the next, responsible, generation of artists who must be true to themselves first. This is a difficult task to master, but it must be done if America is to continue to have an aesthetic soul that has depth and meaning beyond mainstream entertainment.
Being this sort of artist is a Calling and students must be prepared to suffer for the greater goodness of their Craft without falling prey to the continued temptation of temporary money and fame. Students must be welcomed into this aesthetic community and be taught there is no shame in being poor and unrecognized if the Higher Calling of their Craft is being appropriately served. Faith is forever, while these other paths to Glory lead but only to the grave.

Many non-aesthetic souls do not accept nor recognize this form of duty, for they demand a daily token testifying to the existence of their achievement. They desire the sort of success that can be folded away in a pocket at the end of the day.

What Kind of Success Do You Want?
These false measures of success are but flesh wounds in the soul of the body and not joyful leaps of the spirit. We, as a Nation, cannot abide this attitude even though we are falsely bound by its existence. The artist can help break this pattern of pocket thinking by not only serving the spirit of Humanity with art but by achieving the overarching task of convincing the non-believers that art, and its legacy of beauty, has a value that cannot be calculated with numbers or confirmed by the popular presence of a majority vote.

Make Your Own Aesthetic
Artists must make their own way and defend their own special aesthetic in this effort if their sweat and skills are to have a life everlasting. Begging for money from those without aesthetic, or expecting support from a government that does not cherish the artist is to not serve their own spirit of being.

Artists must go their own way, embolden the weak, bring light into darkness and create their own success while retaining the sanctity of a spirit unbroken by the heartbreak and false promises of a world that does not understand their mission.

Leading Humankind
If we artists lead by example, Humankind will follow, for the pursuit of beauty is the unrecognized, common, core truth in us all that governs our existence as a society. The moral point that many artists miss in this mission is that beauty is unbound by joy.

We cannot bring beauty unto the world if we are forever depressed by those who systemically seek to destroy our joy. Be joyful in every moment by creating art in any form. Beauty will preserved and all our souls — both aesthetic and non-aesthetic — shall not perish in the ashen winds of joyless times.

Go Inside
The mission of Go Inside Magazine is part of this continued effort to selflessly serve the beauty in us all through joy. We Cover the Web of the World While Serving the Spirit of Humanity is our motto. We publish new authors. We serve you because we must, not because we want to make money or achieve fame or importance in the marketplace. Many cannot understand or accept that we here at GO INSIDE are simply driven to engage you, to think with you, to attempt to make sense out of a world populated by bottom line thinkers.

Hear Your Calling
The fact that you’re reading this is proof enough that our Calling here is being served, enjoyed and understood even if you don’t agree with us on every point all the time. While our mission may never fully be accomplished, it’s the effort of making the world more a more joyous and beautiful place that rewards each of us here and now and forever hereafter.