Dear NBC Sports —

The final straw that broke this viewer’s back was reached with James Lofton’s color commentary during the Sunday Jets game against the Ravens.

All season long Mr. Lofton’s color commentary has been immature, boring and haughty.

When Mr. Lofton asked the viewing audience on Sunday to “send me a color laptop to replace my black and white laptop,” I knew it was time for him to go and for me as a viewer to make his firing the business and purpose of my day. Not only was I offended by Mr. Lofton’s begging, but so was your announcer who quickly told Mr. Lofton on air that “you can’t do that!” to which Mr. Lofton replied on air that “I already did.”

What is the purpose of such shilling on air at NBC Sports’ expense? Does Mr. Lofton give you a cut of the goods he can strong-arm out of your viewers? Do you think Mr. Lofton’s begging for charity from Jets fans enhances your reputation in the sporting arena? It does not. This kind of bald-faced begging cheapens you and your sacred covenant with the National Football League to provide in-depth commentary and stellar coverage for millions of dedicated fans. Scams like this hurt the NY Jets the most because they must needlessly suffer the ramifications of such behaviour in their good name!

When a flag was thrown during the same game, Mr. Lofton said he didn’t know which team got the flag, but that someone “must’ve done a boo-boo.” Huh? Is that the ringing and insightful color commentary NBC wants on air? I hope not, for if you believe that Mr. Lofton’s color commentary is the new standard against which other NFL broadcasts are to be judged, then I’m switching to Fox and ESPN only and I’ll root for the NY Giants from now on.

Please immediately remove James Lofton from all future Jets broadcasts.

Thank you,

David Boles