Please join me in celebrating Go Inside Magazine’s one year anniversary being hosted by the Pros at SimpleNet! Our year on SimpleNet has been a tremendous success. Our reader numbers have risen higher than we could have hoped in our wildest visions. You’re able to read us due to the redundant and robust web hosting network of SimpleNet services.

First Affiliate
Go Inside is proud that we were the first in a long list of top-drawer companies who chose to create a professional affiliation with SimpleNet. We hope to mark more anniversaries and score more firsts with SimpleNet for years to come.

Bob Bingham Speaks
Here’s a telling Q & A interview I did with SimpleNet founder and WebBrain Bob Bingham on the purpose of SimpleNet’s business mission. I hope you’ll agree that the interview is quite revealing and insightful. You’ll see in spades why Bob Bingham is a big player in the web hosting business: He’s generous of spirit and visionary of purpose.

The Masthead Grows!
In our year on SimpleNet, the Go Inside masthead has grown tremendously with the names of dedicated volunteers who do their best to Cover the Web of the World While Serving the Spirit of Humanity for you. We started out with 10 names on the masthead. That number later dropped to eight but quickly took another jump up. The Go Inside masthead count presently stands at an incredible 18 names and three more folks are bound for our masthead in the month to come.

Sign Up With SimpleNet
If you’re looking for a great place to host your web presence, you can’t go wrong with SimpleNet. They are responsive, quick-witted and always growing to meet the diverse demands of their web hosting business customers. You can’t beat their base rate of around $20 a month for unlimited bandwidth (traffic) and server (storage) space!

In Parting…
There are few things in this life that are dependable and fun to make a part of our limited existence and SimpleNet is one of them. I couldn’t publish Go Inside without their rapt attention to details and performance and the great thing about that is… I’m nothing special. SimpleNet treats all their web hosting customers the same way. How do I know this? Because several of my friends and business associates signed up with SimpleNet on my recommendation. If SimpleNet didn’t perform, I’d hear about it instantly and intensely and so I’ve heard… no complaints.

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