Guitarist Magazine for iPad Review

The iPad is a natural wonder for multimedia publication.  The New Yorker gets its magazine perfectly right on the iPad.  I went in search of music publications that would take the New Yorker example of perfection to the next righteous level of multimedia immersion in music.

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Billboard Blues and Jazz Charts

As an old radio guy in my youth, we watched the Billboard charts weekly to try to track the taste of mainstream listeners and then give them back precisely what they want singing in their ears.  Now, as a modern day Bluesman and a Jazz lover, I am dismayed that the Billboard charts barely celebrate those genres.  In the past, Billboard would sort of pretend to honor Jazz and the Blues, but today, there’s no real push to reason why those musical genres are so important to modern music, and so we’re left with middling chart coverage that feels stale and out-of-date.

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Where Have I Been and Where Am I Going?

I have always said we blog to record the truth and over the last week, I’ve been paging through the truths of my life over the past 15 years as we move old Go Inside Magazine articles from a static page format to new, dynamic, publishing.

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The McSweeney's Small Chair Review

McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern is a quarterly literary magazine started by Dave Eggers, originally with the goal of publishing stories of high literary merit that were rejected by other magazines. Eventually, it turned into a mixture of rejects and original submissions and Eggers made sure that every issue was different from the last — one issue came looking like a big stack of mail, for example. Another issue was nothing but graphic art and came wrapped in a giant newspaper comic section with original Sunday Funnies.

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The Indignant Infringer

Yesterday, we shared the story of catching a Copyright Infringer red handed.  Today, we share the result of that contact with the content thief in an everlasting and ongoing fight against the stealing of our written property by complete and utter dullards.

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Slavery at Ten Cents Per Word

For at least the past 20 years or so magazine publishers have tried to get away with paying authors by-the-word at a dime per word and without any future rights reverting back to the author.

Not only is ten-cents-a-word an outrageously bad sum of non-money — it denigrates the idea of “the whole of the writing” by breaking down the craft into its tiniest bits and not even its architectural pieces.

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Pop singer Cyndi Lauper’s “official” website stole an article Janna Sweenie wrote for GO INSIDE Magazine a few years back and republished the article, in full, without our knowledge or even permission to republish the article. You can see the thievery here:

You can see the original article here:

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