Pop singer Cyndi Lauper’s “official” website stole an article Janna Sweenie wrote for GO INSIDE Magazine a few years back and republished the article, in full, without our knowledge or even permission to republish the article. You can see the thievery here:


You can see the original article here:


That is not only Plagiarism at its best it is outright stealing.

As the Publisher of GO INSIDE Magazine this kind of thing really burns me and, unfortunately, it is quite common and it is a daily fight to bring woe to the foe who steals our bandwidth, our unique sweat and our original ideas. nWe sent Cyndi Lauper’s website a cease-and-desist letter. Our hope is that soon the link above will choke and die out before we have to call in attorneys. If you’d like to let Ms. Lauper know that this sort of theft is wrong, you can write to her in care of her website at the following address:


For those of who may not know copyright law, it is not enough for CyndiLauper.com to identify GO INSIDE Magazine as the original source by saying it was “taken” from us.

Permission must be granted in writing to reprint our original work and if we decline their request they cannot go ahead and print it on CyndiLauper.com — or anywhere else. We informed her webmaster that we charge $5,000.00 a day USD for article reprints and that we’d love to know where to send the bill.

We were once infected with admiration for Cyndi Lauper. Alas, now she is now just our common cold.

Update: We received word from Jean-Marc Piraprez of CyndiLauper.com that the article has been removed. We will keep an eye on that website to make certain the article doesn’t reappear later under a different URL. Watch this space for further adventures in web publishing.

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