The other day I had two book deliveries from Amazon go missing in transit. UPS had no idea where the packages were three days after their scheduled delivery date. I asked UPS to put a trace on the package and when they started to do that for me the system stopped them.
UPS told me “according to our contract with Amazon you have to contact them for tracking information.
I was surprised UPS would not help me. UPS then proceeded to rattle off a long URL where I was supposed to go to get help from Amazon. I asked if there was a phone number for Amazon and I was told there “was no phone number” and to go to that long Amazon URL.
The Amazon URL is a dead-end. You cannot find a live person to help. There is no phone number on the Amazon website you can search for and call for help. You spend time on that long Amazon URL filling in long form boxes. You then click a button to send Amazon your inquiry.
UPS is a great company and I had my delivery within a few hours of calling them. Obviously they put a trace on my package even though their contract with Amazon did not allow them to do that for me.
Four days after the delivery I had a response from Amazon that was created by an auto-responder and I was told to “check with your neighbors to see if they accepted your package for you.”
It was frustrating I could not get a quick answer to track down two expensive deliveries and if a real person had bothered to check my inquiry they would have seen the deliveries had been made four days ago.
Amazon is a great company for selling books but hiding their phone number from customers and failing to offer a live online help system where one can find a person and not an auto-responder is not good business.
I did a web search and found a toll-free number for Amazon that I could not find on proper: (800) 201-7575. Use that number and you can eventually find a live person if you hang on the line long enough and refuse to abide the recorded instruction to go to a long Amazon URL for help.
If you have a tough time finding a phone number for any company you can always head over to the Federal Consumer Action website and do a search to find the right method of contact for customer satisfaction.

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