Boles Blogs is Six Years Old!

This week, Boles Blogs is six years old — we’ve been around under many different names and edifications for over 15 years or so — but Boles Blogs is now how we currently roll in blog publishing!  That’s a pretty amazing conflation of time and effort and the pressing of days into years!  The slow roll from the “Boles Blogs Network” of 14 blogs into this megasite of just “Boles Blogs” today was a long and hard road to haul, but we made it, and the pathway ahead is bright and well-lighted.

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Today is Our Eight Year Anniversary on

This morning, at 2:55am Eastern, as I was waiting for the Apple Store to open at 3:01am — a lovely notification popped up in my admin area telling me today, September 20, 2013 — was my eighth year anniversary on!

Now that is a milestone to celebrate!

I remember I was one of the super-early adopters here on and I was the in the early 500s as a registered user number — there are now over 80 million WordPress blogs in the world.  I loved the idea of Matt Mullenweg‘s right from the start:  An excellent publishing platform that was dead-simple to use all day every single day of your life!

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Preeclampsia, Fatherhood and Reflections on a First Birthday

One year ago, I unexpectedly became a father earlier than I thought I would be — my wife was due toward the end of January and the weather was looking more and more brutal every day. A few days before she gave birth, Elizabeth started complaining about really bad headaches and her doctor had her come in for some tests. It turned out that she had preeclampsia and it was preventing proper growth in the womb. The doctors were undecided whether to induce labor or not but when it became clear that the yet unnamed baby was in danger (We decided, in the spirit of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, not to find out the gender of the baby — it was good enough for generation after generation and it was good enough for us!)

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George and Jolene: Ten Sentence Story #119

George and Jolene met under odd circumstances and though they hit it off pretty well, there were always doubts about how long it could last.

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Happy Birthday to Boles Blues!

One year ago today, we published the first article called, rightly enough — “What is” — and that article was quickly followed by, “From Old Cooter to Boles Blues” to help explain the provenance of who we are and what we hoped to become in time.

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On Turning Thirty

I think I can pinpoint the moment the madness began. It was about six or seven years ago in my mother’s family room, and I was watching an episode of Ally McBeal. It was the episode where Ally was freaking out because she was turning thirty and she was really upset because she felt like she hadn’t accomplished a lot of the goals she had set for herself at that age.

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First Anniversary

Please join me in celebrating Go Inside Magazine’s one year anniversary being hosted by the Pros at SimpleNet! Our year on SimpleNet has been a tremendous success. Our reader numbers have risen higher than we could have hoped in our wildest visions. You’re able to read us due to the redundant and robust web hosting network of SimpleNet services.

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