This week, Boles Blogs is six years old — we’ve been around under many different names and edifications for over 15 years or so — but Boles Blogs is now how we currently roll in blog publishing!  That’s a pretty amazing conflation of time and effort and the pressing of days into years!  The slow roll from the “Boles Blogs Network” of 14 blogs into this megasite of just “Boles Blogs” today was a long and hard road to haul, but we made it, and the pathway ahead is bright and well-lighted.

Here’s the current WHOIS entry for — and I love it how WHOIS has artificially become everyone’s odd, yet amazing, time machine:

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: ok
Updated Date: 19-jan-2013
Creation Date: 02-may-2008
Expiration Date: 02-may-2019

Writing never changes.  Publishing never stops changing.

It’s a slippery to road to publish because form is everything while function is not necessarily as important.  How does one shape context and create a structure that has both beauty and stability?

As change whips the wild wind and the future begins to slide, raw text is unchanged and believing, but access to those truths can become sticky, muddy, and even invisible.

From paper to digital to the redactive world of 140 characters — the word lives, but meaning is often the first to die.  How will we survive as a future-proof people if all we know is spewed bits of text that provide little analysis, or true insight that, in the end, nobody reads anyway?

The future of writing can only be secured as something of great cultural value if we have enough interested minds capable of actually comprehending what is being written. The perils of illiteracy heaves, crouching, in the shadows for each of those who blindly line up behind us.

Keep writing.  Keep reading.  Keep your mind free.  We’ll do the same and meet in tomorrow.

Together, we roar into the future with our eyes bright and out motivation pure and evangelical. We have a far way to go before we sleep. There are many freedoms to share and stories to knit. We record the truth. Our ongoing mission is to make the facts secure.

Posted by David Boles

David Boles was born in Nebraska and his MFA is from Columbia University in the City of New York. He is an Author, Lyricist, Playwright, Publisher, Editor, Actor, Designer, Director, Poet, Producer, and Boodle Boy for print, radio, television, film, the web and the live stage. With more than 50 books in print, David continues to write 2MM words a year. He has authored over 25K articles and published more. Read the Prairie Voice Archive at | Buy his books at David Boles Books Writing & Publishing | Earn the world with David Boles University | Get a script doctored at Script Professor | Touch American Sign Language mastery at Hardcore ASL.


  1. Well deserved congratulations



  2. David – Happy anniversary to you and all your dedicated writers!



    1. Thanks for all the good wishes, Nancy! It’s a delight to have you with us, and writing with us, and preserving the truth for the world!



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