George and Jolene met under odd circumstances and though they hit it off pretty well, there were always doubts about how long it could last.

First she moved to be closer to him and then he moved to be closer to her — they felt as though it was all evened out when they both moved for the sake of their being together.

For so long before they had moved, things seemed peculiar and they would fight and argue a lot over silly things that most people wouldn’t fight and argue over.

It wasn’t long after they moved that they began to see eye to eye and they grew closer together day by day.

It was even less time before they were standing on a front lawn and George was stomping down his foot on a glass — they were considered husband and wife.

George thought since it took so long from the time they met until the time George was stomping on the glass, they shouldn’t wait too long to start expanding the family.

George was sad when a month passed and there was no news of a baby on the way — Jolene assured him that it wouldn’t be too long at all.

Jolene surprised George when, nine months later, a somewhat premature Herschel joined them and had to spend a couple of weeks living in an incubator.

A few months later George, Jolene, and Herschel were sitting in a restaurant enjoying some Indian food — George and Jolene talking about the year that had passed since she had circled him and he had stomped on a glass.

It took years to get there but in the last year they had made more progress than they had in the years that had past before it.


  1. Quite a lovely and touching story, Gordon! I especially appreciate the link to your 2005 Go Inside Magazine article. My, how far we have all come when time flies.

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