From Barbie to Borrowing: Hanging Out with Dad

I am convinced that my father was born with a newspaper in one tiny hand and a neck tie instead of an umbilical cord. I mean this in the most complimentary way possible; the man has a work ethic that can make any zealous overachiever feel lazy. As a kid, I hardly appreciated or even noticed how tirelessly he worked to support my family and me.

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Sex is Unimportant: Intimacy is Everything

A friend of mine who is amicably divorcing his wife, told me a tale of woe the other day that he has felt unloved and sexless for many years.  He didn’t blame his wife, he blamed himself for putting too much emphasis on sex and not enough on intimacy.  “I should have done more cuddling,” he whispered to me.

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George and Jolene: Ten Sentence Story #119

George and Jolene met under odd circumstances and though they hit it off pretty well, there were always doubts about how long it could last.

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Join Me at RelationShaping

I’m pleased to announce a brand new blog that I think you’ll enjoy reading: David W. Boles’ RelationShaping ->(.  Here is our new, semiotic, logo that suggests the intention of the site:  How technology Re-Forms and Re-Shapes our Mind-Body memes in a Relational Universe and it indicates “The Spear of Technology Piercing the Body In Situ ->(.”

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A Boss is Not a Friend

In America we have, for some reason, come upon the notion that your boss must like you:  Your boss must be your friend.

The problem with that shallow thinking is friendships prefer equality over stratification. Friends don’t like to take orders from friends.

A boss’ job is to instruct, direct and lead and there are no co-boss companies that work well because the direction is divided and opportunity is split like Solomon’s baby.

If your boss demands friendship — be wary — because at any time the friendship can be revoked while the master-and-slave dyad necessarily remains. 

If you wish to befriend your boss, immediately retire that notion.  You will be seen as cloying and clever — and neither of those labels can ever overcome the emotion of friendship falsely offered.

Control Freak or Watchdog of Excellence?

Has anyone ever called you a “Control Freak?”
If so, what exactly does that phrase mean and how did you respond when the label was first attached?

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Kate: Chapter 18

A cup was filled with coffee. Jean-Michel Pinot added two teaspoons of sugar and a dash of soy milk, purchased of course at a small deli and made that morning by the owner of the deli. His therapist was a strong supporter of natural foods and not eating animal products whenever possible. He did not have such strong feelings about avoiding coffee, however, as she probably brewed about five or six pots over the course of the day. True, the majority of the coffee was given to clients, but Dr. Rosenbaum had her fair share.

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