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Kate: Chapter 16

Browsing somewhere around the self-help section, Felix felt two hands cover his eyes. He then heard what he assumed to be the voice of the person to whom the hands belonged say, “I’m going to give you three guesses, and one of them had better be right.”

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Everything Crashes

by Louise O’Brien

I want to get over you. But it’s not working out that way. I have no delusions about who you really are, but my heart does. My heart has plenty of delusions left. She still believes you are coming back. She still waits for the phone to ring in the middle of the night, for the letters that never come. She’s still waiting for you to realize that life without her must be as empty as she is without you. You’re still inside her. She hasn’t been able to shake that.

The Initial Encounter
I barely noticed you. You were flapping around the party, trying to get people to pay attention to you. You’d already spoken to me three times. I was having a hard time remembering your name as you approached me for the fourth time. I plastered a smile of greeting on my face and searched my brain for a memory of something you’d said in the last couple of hours.

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The Love Bank: An Investment Strategy

by Tammy Tillotson

“We’re all born with a Love Bank. The people we meet are
automatically assigned their own “accounts,” and every
experience we have with them affects the balances of love
units in their accounts.” — Willard F. Harley, Jr.

Money and love have historically battled a gruesome duel to determine which will ultimately succeed in “making the world go ‘round.”

The Love Bank
As the victor is largely a decision based on biased perception, an opportunity for the two to reign hand in hand has quickly become one of my favorite metaphors to discuss with beginning investors like myself. The concept of a Love Bank is brilliant, however it is also incredibly underdeveloped.

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The Luck of Love

There’s a scene in the 1998 Woody Allen film Celebrity which I have been thinking about lately. The main character, Lee, is having a conversation with his ex-wife and, in a move that essentially summarizes one of the main themes of the film, she says “When it comes to love, it’s luck.” Oh, how true those words are.

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Why Not a Single Parent?

by Malaika Booker-Wright

In recent years, single parenting has become more mainstream, especially as a result of the decisions by courts and adoption agencies. Some people oppose singles adopting children, citing that single men and women do not make good parents. A good parent is one who loves unconditionally; is comforting; is patient; sets and enforces limits; listens and understands; and sets examples among other things. A single person can embody all of these qualities and, therefore, makes a good parent.

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Let the Healing Begin

by Nancy McDaniel

I never seem to do things in the right order. I floss my teeth in the morning, not at night. I brush before I floss, not after. I get dressed before I put on my makeup. I quit my job before I had another. I say “I love you” first. You get the picture.

And now I’m trying to figure out how to grieve. Not a death of a person. The death of a relationship. The death of love. It didn’t die for me. It died for him. So I must find a way to put it to rest too and get on with my everyday life.

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A Woman’s Guide to Manliness

Alright! I confess it! I’m Manly, dammit, and admitting to such in print is a mighty death blow to the Mask of Machismo my Male counterparts and I wear every day. In some strange flight of honesty and forthrightness (must be a testosterone imbalance), I’m prepared to offer unto you, some secrets of being a Manly. If you’re a woman, take notes. If you’re a man, please leave. This is a private conversation. We’ll wait a moment to give you a chance to hit your browser’s Back button once.


(NOTE: If you’re a married or divorced woman, you’ve likely discovered these niggly truths about Manliness in spades and have no need to continue further unless you delight in rediscovering the obvious.)

Okay, then.

Let’s begin!

No Joke
Oh, and even though it’s April Fool’s Day, I promise you the revelations herein are no joke. Laugh if you must, however, if it covers the uncomfortable recognition of familiarity that is certain to follow.

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