[Author’s Note: This poem was written in honor of Gene Bunge’s retirement from the Nebraska ETV Network.]

As in earlier times the Town Crier might report very
“The saddest news of the day concerns our good friend
Gene Bunge.”
Distinguished by a heritage of Minnesota’s sons and
daughters who are
Long on character and rugged strength, his record
Reflects dedication to their truths which he
learned at length
From those fine people who believed and taught
honest effort and sincere dedication
to honorable causes.
And to whom he listened, took their words to heart
without doubt or hesitation.
That his years of constant effort here in Nebraska
have certainly made sense
Is demonstrated happily in our common
cause of network excellence
And have resulted in a distinguished record
that cements
Nebraska’s pride in the network’s fine accomplishments.
We’ll remember too Gene’s interest in supporting
symphonic music and the arts
And in the local theatre he became a man of many parts!
So Gene’s reached high in his lifelong quest
You have to agree he’s done his best!

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