I’m saying good-bye to Nebraska –

some years after I left it physically.

It has been my custom to salute
staff members of the Nebraska Educational Network,
with whom I served for almost twenty years,
with a few lines of poetry,
when they left the Network.

(Some critics might deem the efforts doggerel.)

Be that as it may,
they were good years for me and my family,
for the most part,
and I’m grateful for them.

Grateful too for the memories
of those people who showed
thoughtful kindness to my wife,
my family
and me.

First in that memory,
but last to be recognized here
is Dr. Ron Hull,
a true son of Nebraska,
born in Rapid City,
a champion of theatre
and the arts
and a trusted friend.

Like his good friend Ruth Thone,
he demonstrated a deep regard
and a true appreciation of the people
of Nebraska and their real
sense of honorable value.

To this day I remember
when I was first conscious of him,
the proud escort of his wife
and several children
on a bright Sunday morning.

They paused for a moment
at the threshold of the entrance
to the huge,
stained glass windowed interior
of St. Paul’s church.

They entered with reverence.

That first impression of him,
as a man,
dedicated to his family
and his church
has stayed with me for years.

And for years it has not changed.

He takes a place among Nebraskans,
in my mind,
who demonstrate dedication
to home and truth.

At this time Dr. Hull still serves
the people of Nebraska
with distinction
at the Educational Television Network
in Lincoln.