I am using the iRiver H10 digital music player with the new Yahoo! Music Unlimited service and the Rhapsody service and I am disappointed in the H10’s performance compared to my two-year-old iPod.

Transferring music via USB 2.0 from my super-fast Toshiba Qosmio to the
super-slow H10 takes forever.
The H10 also takes 30 seconds to start playing song even in repeat mode
with one song repeating. That slowness is unacceptable. Waiting half a
minute to hear a song is an eternity in the digital world.
I am running the 2.0 iRiver H10 firmware update and the machine is just
too slow to use. The H10 form factor is perfect. The design is
impressive. The iRiver H10 is small and fun to hold but its performance
is just awful.
The battery is supposed to last for 12 hours. The iRiver H10 battery
lasts for less than two hours.
Now I understand why the over-priced iPods are so popular: They not
only look good, they are really fast and instantly satisfy your request
for a tune.