I installed Onfolio 2.0 the other day and the program messed up my system.
Onfolio 2.0 is advertised as a cohesive research assistant akin to Furl It and another big selling point for the program is an embedded RSS reader. 

Onfolio 2.0 is supposed to be a ground-breaking way to store and manage
It is not.
Onfolio 2.0 does not work with my standard Firefox 1.03 installation.
Onfolio hangs my brand-new machine.
The Onfolio 2.0 RSS feeds take forever to load at the default
installation setting. When I uninstalled Onfolio 2.0 and re-booted my
machine I was given a Windows XP corruption notice concerning my

Luckily Windows XP was able to self-repair the damage. I have
used my Qosmio computer for several months without incident and I never had a Registry corruption until I installed Onfolio 2.0.
Remember, there’s no such thing as a coincidence.
I’m sticking with Furl It.


  1. I’ve been using Onfolio since version 1.0 and it’s a must have app for me. No problem ever, even in betas.
    Anyway, you are loosing the best rss reader in the market right now.
    Greetings from Spain

  2. Ragundo —
    How can I be losing something if it doesn’t properly behave on my system?
    For online RSS reading I prefer Yahoo! for a quick look and Bloglines for sustained reading.

  3. I want this to be an alive dialogue so I don’t want to post any more “me too” comments here.
    If you have something important and new to add to this thread, great! If not, I thank you for your comment in advance but it will not appear here.

  4. I’ve had no such problems with Onfolio 2.0 here, though I’m using it with IE rather than Firefox. Perhaps it wwas a Firefox problem?

  5. Hey Baxter —
    I have no clue why Onfolio 2.0 messed up my machine.
    I believe the system corruption was more widespread than just being browser-related.

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