I am an INTJ Rational-Mastermind personality type but until today I had no idea what “element” I was and it turns out I am an element beyond the base four: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
My element type is: Ice.

Ice Element

Ice is a pretty accurate description for me.
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  1. Hi!
    I do agree that INTJs are Ice. I know only one INTJ in my life (that’s enough!) because I am in a relationship (some kind of …..ship ….I don’t know if it can be called relationship exactly!) with an INTJ.
    What I need to keep this ….ship intact is detachment, patience and understanding. As I read a lot (I am an ISTJ and a voracious reader by nature)I try to understand how their mind works – I don’t get it some time but religiously follow the rules – that works!
    I admire this person because some of his unique attributes and definitely do want to keep in touch as I don’t want to settle for anything less. INTJs are nature’s miracle.
    If being wiser than the other people work in life without letting them know – so be it! Thanks for your valuable articles, it helped me a lot.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kathakali!
    INTJs are attached and loving — we are not really control freaks — we just sort of can guess the future pretty accurately and we don’t like wasting time on things we see (and know!) will never happen.
    The best way to handle us is to involve us. I appreciate it when my wife says to me, “I know you are not good at this, but you need to go with me to the company pancake breakfast.” I would never choose to do it on my own but since she makes it clear that my attending benefits her and is important to her then I will happily attend and be there for her.
    INTJs are not detached from those we love. In fact, at times, we may cling too closely to what we know we are destined to have — we are hot for those we know we like! If you are feeling ignored or discouraged then your INTJ is not interested in you and sees no real future for you. When we love, we love big and we love grandly and we love unforgettably.
    When an INTJ is truly “with you” you will have no doubts.

  3. Hay David, thanks for your input! I really enjoy it and its very helpful!
    I didn’t mean to say that INTJs are control freak – the guy I know is way too structured. It is something like – if he decides to start a relationship from Dec 31, 2032 at 3:46 pm he will exactly do that – come what may. On the contrary – though I am an ISTJ, I am spontaneous and passionate by nature, if someone asks me to join a trip for Australia tomorrow I will go for it. Money? – I Will arrange for a loan, Exam/ test – will reschedule, if not – will flunk – yes, its that simple. I don’t really care for plans. And if I ask my boyfriend to join he will plan for a year – well, thats him – take it or leave it! Its easy for me to understand because I am not that rigid. Though I don’t ”get” it – and I know he doesn’t ”get” my spontaneous nature too. Going for a trip without a plan? For me that’s the fun and for him that’s hassle.
    I can’t call it a traditional relationship because it doesn’t have the ritual where people ”meet” ot ”miss” each other religiously. I know he will be the first person to help me if I am in distress but if I ask for his company only for company’s sake – he might refuse it.
    This is a challenge because he can compartmentalize well and can start exactly from the same place even if we are not in touch for last one year but I will feel like a complete stranger.
    I don’t have a doubt that this guy is ”with me” but not in a very conventional way – to say the least!

  4. Thanks David! I really don’t know what is there in our future – but I am happy that I understand someone well and can get along with him and vice versa. Its not very easy to get along with me too as I am somewhat conformist by nature. If it doesn’t work – well, its not my loss alone – and an INTJ should realize it!!!

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