A few weeks ago 60 disoriented dolphins thrust themselves out of the ocean and into shallow waters off the Florida Keys. 24 of the dolphins died or were euthanized.

The United States Navy refused to comment if the Los Angeles class attack submarine, the USS Philadelphia, was responsible for the dolphin killings while the submarine performed top-secret SEALs maneuvers using high-power sonar 40 miles off the coast of the Florida Keys. Dolphins are especially susceptible to sonar and submarines routinely use sonar to map and to target and to explore deep waters.

A single sonar ping can travel many miles. In March 2000 a United States Naval battle group experimented with sonar and four different species of whales beached themselves on the Bahamas sands to avoid the sonar vibrations. It was later discovered during autopsies that the whales had internal bleeding in their ears and brains. Ocean mammals like whales and dolphins are vulnerable to sound and reverberation and sonar rings like an earthquake in their bodies.

The proof is in their incredible swimming out of the water to race away from the pain. High-power sonar kills ocean mammals. The evidence is in the autopsy. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

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