My displeasure with Onfolio 2.0 continued when I had to do a Windows XP System restore from a point that was pre-Onfolio 2.0’s installation.
When I chose the System Restore point from my backup scheme I saw Onfolio 2.0 had lived on my system for all of 12 minutes before I chose to UNinstall it forever.
As I said in my previous post, Onfolio 2.0 did not work as advertised. I have had Registry corruption errors every day since I intalled/UNinstalled Onfolio 2.0 on my new system.
The most heinous problem popped up when I started getting I/O errors on my built-in multi-card reader. I am writing a book right now and I spend a lot of my day working with SD cards and Memory Stick Pro cards. When my card reader won’t read I fast become frustrated.
As I also said in my previous Onfolio 2.0 rant, “there is no such thing as a coincidence,” so for my card reader to suddenly become wonky after the installation/UNinstallation of Onfolio 2.0 was curious.
After the System Restore to a point where Onfolio 2.0 never touched my system I am happy to report I no longer have Registry errors and my universal card reader is back to its old, robust, self.


  1. Excellent advice, Boombastic. I appreciate the URL for more information on a dedicated uninstaller program.
    I guess I was just foolish enough to think nothing could go so radicallly wrong that a simple uninstall wouldn’t resolve. Now I know better.
    Now before I install new programs I set a system restore point I can use in case things once again go wacky.

  2. I have been using Onfolio 1.0 and 2.0 for over a year and never have had a problem (I only use FF though not IE). I also use Furl (actually use both constantly and utilize Furl as a ‘holding queue’ for my Onfolio links). Stinks you had a problem with it, it is a great tool once you get used to it and increases productivity for people like me that catalog info constantly for future reference. Then again I have not tried to remove it either 🙂

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